Over the years we as real estate agents have had alot of questions asked of us by our clients, or we have experienced humorous/odd situations.  So I wanted to share a little humor that I personally have has as well as experiences from other agents who have posted their situations on Realtor Magazine.  I hope you enjoy.

"Does this car in the driveway come with the house?"

"Is anyone buried in the backyard?"

"I really like this house, but I need to pray about it. Is that OK?"

"Can we close all blinds and doors and turn off all the lights?  I just want to see the space at its darkest"

"I'm only interested in new construction.  I don't want to use plumbing that other people have $h&t in"

"How much weight do you think we could hang from the basement ceiling?"

"Is the fence to keep things out?"

"Is the foundation anchored?"

"Do you think the owner will give me the house without a down payment?"

"Could we move into the house for the weekend just to test it out and see if it fits the family?

A woman would not go to settlement until it aligned with her auras and chakras.  Settlement had to be this date and within this time frame.  Settlement was delayed several hours and she was in a total panic that it wouldn't settle in time and if it didn't, she would have to reschedule it.

Agent was showing a house to a minister.  When they got to the basement, the agent told her that in fact the previous owner had taken his life there in the basement.  As soon as the words came out of the agents mouth, she commenced to shouting and going from room to room casting out demons of darkness.  This lasted for a good ten minutes.  When she was done, she told the agent the house was cleansed and that they did not need to tell anyone else about the prior activity.  The agent then asked her if she was ready to make an offer on the house.  She promptly replied as she scurried up the steps..."Heavens NO!  Lets get out of here"

Well, that's it for now.  If you like hearing some of the experiences we go through, let me know and we will publish more.

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