They say some things never change. And despite the intertwined world we live in, made flat by the internet’s ability to increasingly cut out intermediaries and facilitate direct connections, consumers’ desire to work with a real estate agent appears to be one of them.

According to the National Association of Realtors’ (NAR) 2017 Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends report, this applies to both sides of the transaction, across generations.

Specifically, 88 percent of buyers and 89 percent of sellers (matching 2015 and 2016’s historic high) reported working with a real estate agent or broker, research drawn from mid-2015 through 2016 shows.

Eighty-three percent of sellers worked with an agent who provided “a broad range of services and management of most aspects of the home,” while 9 percent “provided a limited set of services as requested by the seller,” and 8 percent “listed the home on the MLS and performed few if any additional services.”

Meanwhile, FSBOs (for sale by owner) remain bottom of the barrel at their record low of 8 percent.

“The need for a trusted real estate agent is still paramount. Personal relationships and connections remain the most important feature of the agent-buyer/seller bond,” the report noted.

The group of sellers least likely to use FSBO, at 7 percent, was the 37 to 51 age group, while the highest (12 percent) included those between 62 and 71.

A few reasons why real estate agents remain as popular as ever may be inventory shortages (agents have the inside market scoop); overwhelming amounts of data; the increasingly complicated selling and loan process; and real estate websites and ads that encourage consumers to “learn more” from an agent.

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