So I have been a Realtor now for about 15 years and I have seen, experienced, and learned so much over these years.  So, I have ventured into another area of real estate--------to author real estate books.  So many individuals are really lost when it comes to certain aspects of real estate and really needed to be guided through the process.  I have had that privilege and have seen the happy results.  So by publishing books on some of the subjects it may help some of you who have not yet reached the points of buying, selling, investing, etc.  

To give you an example of why I have published a book for people going through divorce...

  • 1.2 Million couples divorce every year nationally
  • on avg 3.6% of home town population gets divorced every year
  • 61% list their homes to sell

Why?  They have to sell.  Many are forced to sell by court order.  However, they have no idea what they are suppose to do, when they should do it, how can they benefit from the sale, etc.  So, I published the book that very simply explains everything for them.

I hope these books can be of benefit to you or someone you know.  I have attached the link below for you to see what I have done thus far.  Yes, there may be more in the future.  So enjoy and feel free to contact me.

My name is Lisa Longest and I work with Exit Gold Realty. I specialize in Annapolis, MD and surrounding cities as well as in Queen Anne County. My goal is to work with people to help them build the lifestyle they want. I help them make decisions that will change their lives for the better. So feel free to contact me to get more information on homes for sale in the Annapolis or surrounding cities, or to help you sell your existing home at 443-786-4200 or email me at